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Claire Butcher, guest blogger, discusses the benefits of timed learning when doing online training – is this a good thing?

First of all, timed learning when online training means learning with a time limit, just in case that wasn’t clear!  Secondly, let me share this – I have had a complete 180 on my opinion on this, and let me tell you why…

So my partnership with Lorraine has led us down many constructive paths.  Where our opinions don’t always tally, but usually compliment.  We have had a few hum dingers in our time, always with the end goal in mind.  Luckily, we have always managed to get back on track.  Thankfully…

So this timing thing, it divided us for a while and here’s why…

My belief… as was…

I believed (notice past tense) that if someone purchased online training, they should have lots of time to do it.  Time to digest, learn, practise and re-sit/re-take the teaching whenever they needed to.  They should get access to their course, maybe even for life.  I thought…. 

Time pressures

Thinking about time

BUT, here’s the thing….

I have an online training course myself that I have paid a LOT of money for, and I have started it – for sure, but… there’s no need for me to pick it back up again, NONE! 

I plan to pick it back up whenever I need it.  When will that be, maybe never…. So that investment I made to better myself is now demoted to “whenever”.  Those skills I have to learn, will be learnt when I need them, not before.  But, here’s the thing, maybe I do need them.  Maybe I need them right now, or even needed them last week; but I have forever to get there…. So why rush??

Let me tell you, if the provider was to email me today (I hope they are not reading this) and say, we are going to take the online training off-line next Friday; I would of course jump to it, run through the course like a mad person, and learn the butt out of the skills and techniques!

Time is not a race

Racing Greyhounds

So, I have completely 180’d my opinion and absolutely agree that a timescale is required with the online training courses you purchase.  This is in order to ensure that you actually DO the work.

Our reflection – our online training courses

We have set a fair and carefully thought out timescale for the online training that we provide.  This is based on the amount of time in the materials, the video lengths etc. 

We do believe that the timescale is fair, but also challenging.  People NEED that impetus to “get on with it” and remain focused on what it is they want to learn and develop about themselves.  They have enough time to conclude the course, reflect, perhaps sit through some bits again; but there is no buffer time for procrastination. 

This tool, putting a time limit on online training, is a learning tool, keeping people focused and energised!  Timed learning, I embrace you!

Limited time, use it well

Sand and time

Now… where is that logon for that course I started like in 2016…. Ahem…

Claire Butcher, Clarify Training Limited



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