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Using the Website

If you’re not great at using the internet and even if you are it’s always good to have something to refer to on a website as a handy guide.

1. If you just want to browse through our online courses that’s absolutely fine, but you will not be able to actually view the courses in depth or watch the videos unless you have paid for a course and are an enrolled member.

2. Enrollment is easy you just click to view any course. This will give you the details and then when you are ready to enrol just click the green button that says “take this course”

3. This will take you to our secure online shopping system. Add the course to the cart and you will be taken directly to the checkout. Here you need to enter all of your contact details so that we have your information.

4. There is also an important part on the checkout page where you are asked for an account name and password. These are very important as you will use them everytime you login to your courses. The username as you type it must be used in the same way everytime you login…so for instance if you use a capital letter at the beginning of the username – then you must remember that. It’s always best to keep a note of both username and password. We try to keep the site as secure as possible so these things are required for a reason.

Using the Website

5. The password – we are all tempted to use a familiar password like the name of a family pet. These passwords aren’t secure so you are required to enter a strong password with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and figures. Just keep an exact note of the one you use. If you lose your password at any time – you will be given an option in the future to create a new one if necessary.

6. Once the checkout fields are completed – you can make payment using paypal (you don’t need an account with them to do this – just a valid credit card and email address) or by bank transfer. If you choose bank transfer our bank details will appear on the screen for you to use for your own online banking to make a payment. The site doesn’t do that automatically obviously.

7. That’s all you need to do to register for the course. A receipt is emailed to you and an order to us. Once we have authorised you to join the course. We will send you an email to welcome you and grant you access. You won’t be able to access the course until you’ve been authorised to do so. However, once you’ve cleared checkout the system will have already added you as a customer so always go to the log out button in the menu and log out until you get your authorisation email.

8. Once you have your authorisation email – you can login and begin your course. You just return to the website and click the login button. Enter the username and password you supplied at checkout and you can begin. Once logged in click on the courses button and you will see all of our current courses. Click on the one you registered for and you will have immediate access.

9. The course will run for whatever the required period is so for instance if a 30 day course – at the end of the 30 days you will no longer have access to the website and your details will be erased. So if you have any problems with this you will need to contact us.

Hopefully the above points will help you to use the website correctly and we wish you the very best in training online with the HSOH.

Please also be aware of our terms and conditions.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions about our Hypnotherapy Online Courses and how they work. We are always happy to give advice and guidance to existing and prospective students.