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Power and Control… Can you have too little?

This month whilst going about my daily business of training and coaching other people; I have been really concerned with Power and Control, or lack thereof.

Power and control

Power and Control

It’s funny how life goes sometimes isn’t it?

Things just happen and sometimes they aren’t resolved quickly and hang around – typically because we are waiting on someone else to deal with things too.  Sometimes lots of things; perhaps unrelated, all happen at once, and now there are many open issues bugging you every day…

I think this is when I personally am at my most vulnerable; can anyone else empathise?

There are times (like now) when there are so many plates spinning that all I need is for another one to be sent up there and that’s me right over the edge.

So what do I do about it?

Well, I cry, I rant and I phone all my friends that I know will say what I need them to say – which is “man up” (pardon the expression) and just get on with it!  And I know that, by that, they mean – sort what you can, leave the rest!

Ah ha moment!

Sorting things out

Sorting A to Z

There are times when we need to acknowledge that there are things we cannot control, there are things that are up to other people to sort out and there are things that take time to sort…

…and goodness, do we need to handle the frustration that these things cause!


Positive Language

Handling this frustration is all about Positive language, something I have learnt through years of training, hypnotherapy and NLP.

I don’t say to myself “I can’t do that… I can’t fix that.. “I have to wait for that…”  I say to myself, “I can sort that….”, “I can fix that…”, “I can get on with that…”.  And this takes back power and control and enables me to move forward.

I have learnt that having internal conversations also helps, reminding myself of the successes I have had in the past with dealing with things.  Talking through possible scenarios often reveals potential ‘out of the box’ solutions that I otherwise may not of thought of.

Most of all – it is great to have someone on your side, even if it is only YOU!

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