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Guest Blogger, Claire Butcher, talks about Learning. 

Why we should do it, how we do it and what works best?

So…. Why am I trainer?  The simple answer is, that I couldn’t be bothered to attend full time education to learn to be a teacher!!

Growing up, my career choice was to become a teacher.  I hadn’t got around to deciding the age group I was interested in working with; but as I progressed through school, it soon became clear that this was NOT going to be my path.  Don’t get me wrong, I had some amazing and inspiring teachers and I aspired to be just like them; but, you see, you need to attend college – then teacher training college – then, then, then…. And frankly I knew (having started my first car washing business at the age of 12) that all I actually wanted to do was work!

So secretarial job after PA job it went until I found my opportunity to learn to train people in the IT sector and I loved it!

Fast forward about “ahem” years, and it sees me running my own training company, specialising in training new Managers and Supervisors, running strategy sessions for SMT’s of multi million pound companies and generally having a ball!  Much better than teaching kids anyway… it certainly pays better… shhh…

So why is training and learning so important for us all? 

It isn’t!  And here’s why….

Some people have found their niche and they love it!  They have their role, it is pretty much guaranteed to last them and they are super happy with the status quo. They may need to carry out some CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to keep current in their role, but no job shift is planned currently and therefore there are no new skills to collect.

But what of the people that are not settled with what they have?  What of the people that have aspirations of more?  What of the people that have to embrace diversity in the workplace more and more as the acceptance that “people are all different” is in fact embraced?  Those people NEED to change, grow and develop and how does one do that?  Through learning!

You learn every day of your life.

Some lessons stay with you deeply – like to not cross the road in front of a car; or not to try to butter a slice of bread when the butter has just come out of the fridge… those kind of vital life lessons we collect on the way.

Other learning will be more subtle at first, but could change your life’s direction and mindset so fundamentally, that you have that “sliding doors” moment… “If I had taken path “A” back then, where would I be now…?”

And what of the key question – how should I learn?  The answer is limitless, in fact I am certain that there will be a new method of learning invented in my lifetime; perhaps passive learning by AI being tapped directly into our brains – we will all “BE” google and WIKI in time… in fact, I think I saw an article on this the other day… pretty sure Musk is involved…

But look at the options you have – face-to-face, research, on-line, reading, practising, talking, trying, classrooms, distance.. the list is endless!  So, my advice, if you want to grow – find your passion, pick your method, and make it happen!  Repeat….

Claire, Clarify Training Ltd

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