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Gleeson code that is a new one? Well, not really it is the way that over the years I have developed the IMR (Ideo-motor response). I have now been training the Gleeson code to hypnotherapists now for seven years.Gleeson code IMR

The IMR is the main focus of the Hypnotherapy Diploma that I train in the classroom. The online certification covers the IMR thoroughly, and of course, there is an outline in the form of a script for you to download and use in your therapy room.

As hypnotherapists, we all find our way of working with clients and are forever developing our toolbox. For me, it was the IMR that fascinated me when I originally trained.

Although I was told that it doesn’t work so don’t worry about it!!

Wow! That was it don’t worry about it!Hypnotherapy online training

The IMR is the most valuable technique that you can learn as a hypnotherapist. We work with the subconscious mind, and it is a direct link to the subconscious. You can learn as many techniques as you want. But I will ask you this, how does that make you client centred?

How do techniques make you client centred?

I read so often in forums use parts, use rewind, use regression and so the list goes on. Is that client centred? If you think it is client centred, please comment in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

The IMR is a direct link to the subconscious. Once you have established an IMR then you ask the subconscious: Do we need to look at causes? Is there a part that needs to be heard? Or any other questions you or your client may have. Then you proceed with your techniques. Surely this is being client centred?

How I learnt the IMR

I set up my practice in my little therapy room in my coffee shop and called my therapy room 101. Where we face our fears.
I was lucky with my training although we didn’t do much practical. My trainer did not even watch me hypnotise anyone!!! We went to her house every week and copied off a flip chart. But, we were given some excellent scripts. Although I did not know how good the scripts were at the time.

There I was in my therapy room with my first paying client. I will honest I was scared that I would not be able to hypnotise him. The truth is he did not know that he was my first paying client. Thank goodness he didn’t know.  I would have been even more worried.Gleeson code IMR

Well because I had good scripts, I did hypnotise him. Hypnotising people is easy. Our skill is the language that we use. I have noticed that the language has been watered down over the years. Many of the scripts that are available are lacking in hypnosis language. A lot of them are merely visualisation involving seeing yourself how you want to be. That is fine, but it is not hypnosis. It is telling a story.

As time went on, I became more confident. Taught myself how to hypnotise clients and started developing the IMR. Sometimes the IMR worked with clients which was great. Other times it did not. That was not so great.  But a huge learning curve.

The most significant learning curve in my therapy room was patients. Yes, slow down, pause wait. Do not rush when you are working with your clients. When you pause, you are deepening your client.

If you want to learn how to be client centred our online certification covers the IMR, and so does the IMR &Regression online course.

The Gleeson code which is now what I am going to call the IMR is unique to how I work. Learn the Gleeson code, and you may find that you are totally client centred as opposed to making your clients fit your technique. Surely it is not up to you or other hypnotherapists what technique to use with a client?

Once you purchase either of the courses, you will be able to download all the scripts which are full of hypnotic language.
There are videos for you to watch although access to the videos is not lifetime access. There is a time limit for you to be able to access them and view them as many times as you like. The manuals are yours to keep and to practice with.

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