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Past life Regression Training

This online training course will enable you to facilitate past life regression with groups and on a one to one with clients.

PLR (past life regression) is not evidence of past lives it is for people that have an interest in experiencing a past life that they may have lived. I do not offer PLR as a therapy to resolve problems today.

Certification in Hypnotherapy Training

Learning Outcomes


How to work with groups facilitating PLR


Group Pre-Talk


Group setting a Nice Place


Group Journey back through this life


Group The Journey into Past Lives


How to facilitate a one-one session

Also Included in This Course


A practical role play demonstration


Scripts to facilitate one-one and group PLR


A download of the PLR manual to print off and keep.

On completion of the online training course you will be able to download and print off your certificate of completion and will be able to facilitate Past Life Regression with groups and one-one.

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