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IMR & Regression

HOW TO USE REGRESSION EFFCTIVELY WITH IMR (Ideomotor Response), Gestalt and Inner Child techniques.

IMR is the technique that is unique to hypnotherapy. It TRULY make us client centred. No longer will you be making your client fit the techniques in your tool box.

We are now proud to offer the IMR training online for you to watch at your leisure. To take notes, replay and learn at your own pace.

You will be able to work with smokers, weight loss, anxiety and much more. Be more confident and able to get to the cause much quicker.

We all have our go to technique and with the IMR you can be confident that the technique you will be using is congruent with your client’s needs.

There is of course a manual for you to download with scripts so that you can start using the IMR immediately and with confidence.

Certification in Hypnotherapy Training

Course Outline:


Why do we use IMR?


Explaining IMR to the Client Prior to Hypnosis.


Handouts on how to facilitate IMR.


What could go wrong and why?


How to regress safely.


Regression outline.


How to facilitate gestalt and inner child effectively.


Questioning and maintaining rapport with the subconscious mind.


Discussing the different techniques and scripts.


Practical demonstration.

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