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Parts therapy is a great technique to add to your toolbox. Do you have clients saying to you?Hypnotherapy and parts therapy

  • Part of me gets anxious when…
  • Part of me knows what to do.
  • Part of me won’t let go.

The list goes on.

There are several different ways to facilitate parts therapy. Some parts therapy encourages the conflicting part to take on a new job. More congruent with what the client wants. Sometimes though this is not effective and the part may need to come forward and communicate. Our online parts therapy training teaches how to bring the motivating part and conflicting part to come forward and communicate. How you as a hypnotherapist can mediate with the parts to work together and help your client to feel much happier.

Most of the time the conflicting part is in some way protecting your client even though it may have a mixed message.
As hypnotherapists, we believe that all parts of us are there to protect us and help us in some way. Communicating with the part and finding out how the part believes it is protecting the client can be very powerful. It can help your client to move forward to be happier and more confident.Hypnotherapy and parts therapy

We are made up of lots of parts. Part of us knows how to be happy, part of us knows how to be sad, angry, confident, shy etcetera.

Facilitating parts therapy can be very effective in helping clients to achieve their goals. However, you do need to be able to facilitate regression therapy before facilitating parts therapy with a client. The reason for this is that there are times that a client will spontaneously regress and you would need to be able to deal with what comes up.

Our online training shows you when to facilitate parts therapy. How to facilitate parts therapy and how to mediate with the parts to help the client to move forward.

Considering training in parts?

All our online training courses include a manual for you to download. Once downloaded you can follow the manual whilst watching the training.Hypnotherapy and parts therapy

You receive a certificate once you have completed the course. Remember though that all of our courses have a time limit. Plan when you are going to put time aside to watch the training. You can view the videos as many times as you like to refresh the learning.

At the end of the online course, there is a full demo of me facilitating parts with a client.

Want to learn Hypnotherapy Regression therapy?

Our online IMR & Regression therapy will teach you how.

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