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Power and Control

Things just happen and sometimes they aren’t resolved quickly and hang around – typically because we are waiting on someone else to deal with things too. Sometimes lots of things; perhaps unrelated, all happen at once, and now there are many open issues bugging you every day…

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Gleeson Code – Hypnotherapy online training

Gleeson Code Gleeson code that is a new one? Well, not really it is the way that over the years I have developed the IMR (Ideo-motor response). I have now been training the Gleeson code to hypnotherapists now for seven years. The IMR is the main focus of the...

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Timed online training – is this a good thing?

Claire Butcher, guest blogger, discusses the benefits of timed learning when doing online training – is this a good thing? First of all, timed learning when online training means learning with a time limit, just in case that wasn’t clear!  Secondly, let me share this...

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Learning, why we should do it?

Guest Blogger, Claire Butcher, talks about Learning.  Why we should do it, how we do it and what works best? So…. Why am I trainer?  The simple answer is, that I couldn’t be bothered to attend full time education to learn to be a teacher!! Growing up, my career choice...

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